About us

When my parents Andrija and Mira Rončević decided to work in tourism it was back in 1982. It all started with just a couple of rooms and guests that returned from year to year becoming our regulars. Wonderful friendships have also developed and they last even today: sometimes their children visit us to renew their childhood memories.

Thanks to the marvellous location in Zarok, a calm part of Baška situated only a couple of minutes from the old part of the city, you will be able to relax in a soothing ambient. Our house is situated close to a beach and offers a spacious terrace where you can spend the hot summer evenings with a cold drink in your hand.
We can offer you everything that you need for a complete relaxation and an unforgettable vacation:
spacious rooms equipped with modern furniture and a rich breakfast, an amazing view on the sea and on the whole Baška, free parking and modern facilities such as TV/SAT, wireless Internet and air conditioning.
If you want to spend an unforgettable day on board a ship, we offer you two of the most beautiful excursions on the island of Krk. Since you are our guests, you have a special discount if you decide to embark on our family’s pirate ship Leonora which will offer you a touch of adventure.
Our guests also have a special advantage when eating in the family restaurant Mango in the centre of Baška.